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     Girls are all naive, they always like to play the best girls games in the world, for they all want to experience the best feeling as a girl. So they just come to find the girl games they like. One way to feel the feeling they are find is to play love games for girls. Though this kind of girls games, they could always feel that they are in a sunshine love, even there are no parents to be with them.

     Today I’ll introduce you with another one of girls games, that is telephone romance. A brief introduction would be under below: Sue fell in love recently, and her boyfriend always picks her up home from work. But this time he comes earlier. He stands outside of Sue’s office and gives her a phone. This is an exciting movement for there are many others to interfere. They must avoid not to be watched. Help them make a successful phone and enjoy yourself.

     I believe that you have just fallen in love with the pretty young girls in this one of girl games. For more girls games and other fun games for girls just log onto the website Here, your true girls games world! continue reading…

     Girls always have special feelings to horses. You can have a pet cat, pet dog, or pet snake. But if you have a pet horse, your friends will definitely be jealous of you. Horses are the most graceful creatures. Girls are fascinated by its beautiful eyes and fluid body, not to mention the White Horse Prince. But let’s back to real life. You barely have the chance to see a horse in modern metropolis. So what do we do? Free online horse games for sure!
    There are plenty of horse dress up games for girls online. Play this Unique Pet Pony dress up game. Suppose you are the owner of this cute pony (thrilling huh?), how would you like to dress it up? There are infinite possibilities! You can change its body color and you may choose your favorite mane style and color. Don’t forget you can dress it up! It looks even cuter with these gorgeous outfits! Oh here is the best part! You can give it a pair of wings so it can carry you to anywhere you want and take you to the sky! continue reading…

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