Dogs are the best friends of human beings. They are loyal, they are honest, they are clever and they even understand your feelings. No wonder girls love puppies more than any other animals!
      But some girls often complained to me that they are not allowed to raise a pet puppy at home, because obviously their moms thought a dog would be such a nuisance and it would mess everything up.
     To make you feel better, girls, you can actually play free online dog games such as this Puppy Styling game. Check it out. You can dress up this cute doggie Vikki with these adorable and beautiful clothes, shoes and hats! Wow, it looks so lovely and distinctive! You will find millions of other dog dress up games online. Isn’t it cool to style different dogs everyday?

     There are also online virtual pet adoption centers like FooPets, where you can get an adorable interactive pet of your own, and they are Alive! This type of dog game requires more time and attention because everyday you have to log in, look after your adopted puppy, play with it, give it a shower, feed it, build a fancy house for it, and if it is a “she”, you may have to help look after the baby puppies! Of course in return, you will have tons of fun! 
     So are you a pet lover? Do you want to have your own pet puppy but your mom won’t allow? Don’t feel sorry, play these fun online dog games and have a nice time with your own puppy!